Prestashop is the most powerful, most widely used support platform for on-line shops all over the world. We have now included it in billlage, with real-time synchronization. In this way, you will always be aware of which sales are taking place at your on-line shop, who your customers are and where the orders will be sent to. You will also know about the average receipt for the day,  the product sales to foster or which products need a refill. A basic synchronization so that, from your own control panel in billage, you may keep an eye on your daily sales. No need to keep logging in and out from several platforms. Besides, this integration will also make it possible for you to automatically link your sales with your daily, weekly and monthly invoicing. You can do everything on the same day, without any extra efforts required.

[Version 1.0 - 17/01/2020]

Free download the Prestashop integration plugin

How to sync billage with Prestashop [ES]