What is a CRM?

19 Diciembre 18

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Manager. The CRM is a business strategy that focuses on the creation of a commercial bond between the company and the client by managing information so that it best suits the company’s needs. Such strategies are not only effective with current clients, but also with prospective clients. Knowing their clients’ needs makes the whole commercial process easy for companies, and provides them with a competitive advantage.


How to keep your team motivated

15 Septiembre 18

When we lead a team, we have a lot of responsibility to bear. Because we’ll be the ones who will have to account for the goals that were (or were not) achieved, and because we are the human face of the team, the person who will get all the pats on the back after success (this is usually the case) but also the negatives consequences that arise from the mistakes that were made (this is always the case!). In order to put up with all that, and do it with a great chance of success, we need our most powerful tool: the group; that’s it, our team.


Definition of MVP for your startup

18 Agosto 18

In most cases, resources are scarce for startups; without the proper amount of resources, validating the business model is a complex matter. Because of the scarcity of resources, most startups develop slowly, and it is not easy to know from the very beginning whether the business approach will be sustainable in a competitive market.


How to analyze your competitors

30 Abril 18

Analyzing your competitors is no easy task. Nevertheless, it is a must if you are planning to set up a company, launch a new product or service or evaluate your market position. Analyzing your competitors will help you pinpoint their weaknesses and strengths, and decide how to use such information to gain an advantage over them in the market. But where do we start in the analysis of our competitors?


How to reduce costs?

13 Marzo 18

One of the most important elements in a business is cost reduction; however, on many occasions this is not given the importance in deserves. This is not a matter of reducing the quality of the product or service or the customer service: both are a deal breaker. This is a matter of finding out what the expenses are and how to eliminate them or at least reduce them in some way.