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How can an accountant advisor help me?

Your accountant advisor will be your best friend and help you.If you are asking yourself this question, most probably you need one to solve several aspects related to account management in your business. Without doubt, hiring the services of an accountant advisor is a possible solution that should be taken into account. An accountant advisor should be a highly qualified professional who takes life-long training seriously, as several laws are constantly being updated. Several accounting aspects are quite easy to manage and may lead us to thinking that we do not need an advisor to take care of that. Nevertheless, accounting may be a really complex issue, and professional help is sometimes essential.A good financial advisor will help you keep under control those accounting tasks you can’t do by yourself, and this will enable you establish a reliable system for controlling costs. Besides, you will feel much more confident when it comes to making decisions about the financial health of your company.

The accountant advisor and the growth of your business

The first thing you will notice once you hire the services of an accountant advisor will be that you have less things to worry about. This will be due to you having been able to outsource many tasks that you needed to do by yourself before, things that you felt no 100% control over because you didn’t have the knowledge required to tackle them. Nowadays, you may find such services in many different price ranges. Many consultant’s offices offer several service packs, or else you may choose a good freelance professional that offers you accounting advisory services tailored to your needs. Don’t you find it appealing? Think of all the time you need to devote to this every time you need to “put on the accountant’s suit” for your business. Isn’t all this time worth more than hiring the services of an accountant advisor? That’s what I thought. Bear in mind that you don’t need to hire a new worker, you will only need to hire some services and pay for them accordingly.

How do I know this is the right time to hire an accountant advisor?

On several occasions all along your business life, you will feel it is the right time to hire the services of a professional, most of all if your business is a startup or a small company.

Everything starts when the company is created, when your business “is born”. During all this period of time, you need to tackle several aspects related to accounting. First of all, you need to decide, from the very beginning, which kind of company you want to create. There are several kinds of companies, and having an accountant advisor help you will make it easier for you to find out about the advantages and disadvantages of each and every one of them depending on your business model.

Taxes may also be something to worry about sometimes, especially when it comes to filing tax declarations. An accountant advisor may become your guardian angel when it comes to filing tax declarations. Besides, this is not something that can be done in just a single day; you should work on that day after day and manage your business accounting properly. During the process, having access to proper account management software in the cloud could be an asset when it comes to keeping an eye on your income and your expenses. When the time comes for you to file your tax declarations, you may use the accounting software in the cloud to keep in touch with your advisor and share all the required documents with him/her.

In case you are required for a scary inspection by Hacienda (the Spanish tax agency), an accountant advisor should be your right hand all along the process. I advice you to ask all the necessary questions when the time comes, and avoid making any risky decisions without talking it through with your accountant advisor. Efficiency and safety are essential during the process, and hiring the services of a specialist is fundamental in such cases.

As you may know, Hacienda is not famous for hurrying to send the money back when it comes to filing tax declarations. I guess everybody takes their time when it comes to paying… Anyway, this is another reason why you should focus on the process flowing as smoothly as possible. If there were any drawback (incorrect documents, non-matching data, etc.), Hacienda will lock the money to be sent to you and require you to provide new information to clarify the inconsistencies in the process. It may take several months for you to get your money back. Nevertheless, when it comes to you having to send money back to Hacienda, you will be given a due date you will need to stick to.

All along your business life, there will be time periods in which your company will grow. Most probably, during those time periods you will need to make important decisions related to accounting. Some of the milestones that you may achieve are listed below:

• Franchising your business

• Merging with other companies

• Buying another company

• Selling your company

Outsourcing all these tasks to an accountant advisor is something you may afford, as this will provide you with the free time you need to continue leading your company as you had been doing until now.

The best accounting advisor for your business

As you may see, “the right time” to hire an account advisor may come up several times in the life of your business. However, you should not only consider “when”, but also the guidelines to be established in order to choose the right professional for you. First of all, you need to take into account that an accountant advisor for your company will be as any other employee when it comes to getting along with him/her. Therefore, you should choose a person you may trust and with whom you can work without conflicts.

Several key aspects may help you narrow down your options to choose the most suitable accounting advisor for your company:

• Geographical location: you don’t need your advisor to be in the same location as you, as services like ours (assistoffice) are cloud-based and help you save time, prevent your having to move around and avoid losing documents.

• Good at working with online accounting software

• Price per hour

• Schedule availability

• Personality

I included “personality” in the list because I believe that a person you work with should be somebody you would go and have a drink with; I mean, somebody you like, as you will need to stay in touch with him/her for a long time. This would be the perfect situation, of course. Sometimes, circumstances in the market simply don’t allow for choosing what you like best and you will just have to take the best option available. ¿How can I manage it if my accountant advisor is not available in person? Nowadays, many jobs no longer require the person being at the office physically, as many options are available to cooperate and work along with people at the office. This is also the case for an accountant advisor. Here go some pieces of advice so that you may work at a distance with your accountant advisor:

• Use cloud-based accounting software: an invoicing, accounting and business management online programme will help you share data and outsource tasks in a safe, simple manner.

o Many options are available in the market, but you should always choose a tool that offers a comprehensive service that is tailored to your needs. It should be available to assign several different roles to members in your team and, above all, it should provide a customer attention service of the utmost quality. When you are in a crisis, the customer attention service should always be there and solve what you weren’t able to work out by yourself. Such is the case of, and we would like to encourage you to watch our super video instead of reading about it. Besides, billage is not only a platform, it may also work as a financial advisor! Try it for free and check all we can do for you.

• Schedule Skype videoconferences when you need to hold a meeting that involves accounting aspects in the company.

• You will also be able to do all the invoicing using the cloud-based service, so that it may be automatic and you don’t need to worry about lagging behind with the invoices for your accountant advisor.

As you may see, accounting is not a simple matter of balance sheets, assets and liabilities. Sometimes, as with any other aspect in life, an effort is required to achieve the expected results. Without the slightest doubt, investing in the services of an accountant advisor is worth it.

As always, you may comment on the article or tell us about your experience by leaving a comment below.

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