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With mobile app and integration of commercial activity with the Google calendar. Create funnels of opportunities that adapt to your sales process and synchronize your emails.

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El CRM más fácil de usar
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Create funnels with customized stages to adjust the CRM to your sales process. From the funnel view you can quickly see the status of your sales opportunities.

More information about funnels
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Opportunity management

Easily manage your business opportunities by registering and planning the activity of your sales team.

More information about opportunity management
Gestión de oportunidades
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Google Calendar

Your calendar is always synchronized so that your team takes the right actions at the right time to close the highest number of sales.

More information about the calendar
Google Calendar
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Our App

Check your next actions, register commercial visits and meetings and create new opportunities from your mobile or tablet.

Nuestra App
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Send by email + iMap

Save time by sending and receiving emails from clients and projects in the billage CRM using custom templates (first contact, reminder, offer submission).

  • Custom templates Save time by creating body and subject templates for your emails

  • Signatures Create custom signatures for each commercial

Enviar por email + IMAP
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Contact management

Organize your contacts of each project or client with their contact data, exchanged emails or calls.

More information about contact management
Gestión de contactos

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