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How we engage our users with Intercom – Part 3

If you missed the first two parts, do not worry you can always go back to them:

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Take into consideration you can read each part separately and understand it without the need of reading the entire series, but we highly advise you do so.

Engaging with users in top priority in billage because an engage user is more likely to invest in us. Is not likely they will subscribe in the first login, but we need to engage with them.

A engage users will come back for more and try our tool and will eventually subscribe to one of our plans.

With Intercom we can engage with users with messages from different channels:  

  • Email
  • In-app
  • Push messages (Our app is in beta, and we are testing push messages)

We use these type of messages to:

  • Onboard new users
  • Announce new features
  • Re-engage people that slip away

Thanks to intercom companies attributes we are able to divided our users and send targeted messages. That will help the user complete the objective they have.

New User – in the 15 days free trial
The objective is to guide them through their first steps in our tool. The user will get messages on the chat box in the right. We ask the user what they are looking to achieve with billage.  With this answer, we can direct the user to the correct place inside our tool.

The user will see a welcome message in the back. In this message with encouraging users to create something in our tool, so the user will experience billage first hand. We know what user has created what, so we send targeted email depending on their need.

Our hypothesis is that the user is most interested in what they do first in billage. We want to make sure the user completes that job in the best way in the first login.

During this period we will also send nurturing emails that help the user through the process.

Not all emails will be sent to everyone. We segment depending on what job the user does first.


For example, if I am interested in creating an invoice with billage. I will receive emails regarding invoicing in my inbox. We will email every two days more or less.

User that do not subscribe

The user that does not subscribe will receive automatic emails with encouraging to reuse billage.

Intercom is useful with this as we will get a daily message with the user that are sleeping away. Depending on the case we will let the user get the automatic messages, or our business development expert will call or email directly.

Never leave anyone behind.

New user in billage – after they pay

Is important to say that most of our users go through a live demo with our business development expert and have a good idea of how billage works.

But educating our users in more than one demo. Our users at this point have many options:

With Intercom

The user can ask questions via the live chat from our tool. In the intercom platform, we can see what the user has interacted with so we can easily see where the fire points are. We can give a valuable answer to our user bases on their needs.

Without Intercom

The user also has the possibility to call or email for questions

Retain user

Via in-app messages will announce new functionalities and a new version. The user normally is not happy with changes, so we encourage them to ask so that we can help them. We want to avoid that user gets anxious because of the changes. Our objective is that our users see changes as something positive.

Is important to connect with your user but not overwhelmed. Your users needs to know you are there to help.

We take very seriously when Intercom says:

Message the right people, in the right place, at the right time

With this in our mind and our buyer persona we login into our Intercom platform and:

Organize and create trigger messages depending on the time and behavior of each user

Personalize messages depending on the channel. We focus on email and in-app messages

We set goals depending on the target

Is important to measure and control, our objective is not over message our users, we want the user to feel accompanied but not overwhelmed. This perfect balance is hard to achieve, the good part it that Intercom offers A/B testing to compare results and redefine your strategy according to results.

This interaction is also labeled to be sorted for data to help with product management decisions. Every little thing we can get from our user, we want to take the most of it.

And tell us, how do you engage with your users or customers?

From the billage team, we want to wish you a Merry Christmas from sunny Barcelona.

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