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We are joining the great Movilforum project

It’s time for celebration once again! It’s great to have a new partner in our project! Well, in fact, we are the ones joining a great project that totally focuses on fostering the digital ecosystem to promote companies through third-party cooperation. Of course, it’s Movilforum we are talking about.

We are joining the great Movilforum project!

Just a few days ago, we joined Telefónica’s Solution Partners Programme. For more than 15 years, Movilforum has been finding out about the best technological companies in order to support their development and their access to the market.

By doing so, it also caters for all the needs that may arise for corporative clients.

For billage, it is a wonderful opportunity to access, through the Online Management All-in-1 Solution for entrepreneurs and startups, all the audience that keeps developing their ideas and projects in cooperation with Telefónica and their programmes for growth.

Movilforum completely focuses in providing access to the digital environment through several actions, such as specialized, major events for developers, salespeople and clients, where the top-notch technological advances are introduced (in several areas, such as Mobility, M2M, IoT and Safety).

Right now, the Programme already has more than 100 partners that were chosen all over Spain, and we are one of them!

We thank Movilforum for their support and for having confidence in us. We will, without the slightest doubt, live up to the expectations for this new adventure.

On the occasion, our CEO, Toni Guitart, recorded an introductory video for all users and participants in Movilforum about the benefits and advantages of billage as an on-line solution.

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