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New version... We won’t be doing it again!

This will be the last time, we promise, we won’t be doing that again... From now on, we won’t take so long to launch a new version. There were just so many things we wanted to include that we kept on creating them like crazy and we didn’t stop until we managed to do so... 16 NEW FUNCTIONALITIES, all of which are extremely good and useful.

However, we promise that, from now on, new versions will come out more frequently and we won’t make you wait for so long. They won’t contain so many new aspects at once, but this way we will be able to cater for all your needs faster. So don’t hesitate to write to us and tell us what you would like billage to have (provided it has not been included yet).

 In between, let us introduce you to 16 new functionalities that are already in full swing in the 100% All-in-1 Solution for the Management of your Business.


The CRM is a favourite at billage. We know how important it is for any company to have a powerful CRM, a CRM that may cater for all the needs that keep arising in the management of our business. Six new functionalities will make our CRM even more useful and dynamic.

  1. New “Tasks” section: commercial tasks now belong to the CRM. This is why we have moved the “To-do tasks” into the CRM itself. Organization is better now.
  1. Optimization of the Tasks and Opportunities list: The lists of opportunities and tasks now have a new design that improve functionality and the clarity of information. Besides, now all the usual tasks (calls, meetings, visits, comments, etc.) are tagged with different colours so that they may be told apart at a glance.
  1. Creating Tasks from list: many users told us how tiresome it was to create tasks through opportunities. Therefore, we changed it and now you may create tasks right from the list.
  2. Creating Accounts and/or opportunities in the New Task form: In order to speed up the creation of tasks, billage automatically creates the Opportunity and the Account in the Task creation form.
  3. Summary of Opportunity and Account: From now on, when you look at an Account or an Opportunity in detail, you will find a summary of them where all the relevant data are provided.
  1. Account Export, add a filter by Account Group: export your Accounts by using the Group of Accounts filter, in a fast and easy manner.


Projects are essential for your company. Most of the time, your team is devoted to the creation and management of projects, which will bring along satisfied customers. Make the most of project management from our Online Solution with new, improved features that will optimize action time.

  1. New Tab: Timing. Many of you said it would be much better to see all the timings for each and every project and filter them according to their dates. Here it is!
  1. New form for Task creation: the task creation form has been redesigned to make it simpler. It lists elements according to their importance. Besides, in order to make task creation more flexible, billage makes it possible for you to create a project from the task creation form itself.
  2. New lists of Tasks, Timings and Projects: lists required a comprehensive redesign in order to make the most of available space, see more information in a single screenshot and get rid of unnecessary elements. They now have a much more modern, tidier style.
  1. Possibility to create Tasks from the Timing form: users that frequently use the timing record told us it would be much better for them to be able to create a new Project Task in the Timing registry creation form... Go on! This is already done.


Keeping track of what we buy in our startup is something we must control. Taking care of what we buy will provide us with good financial and accounting health, which is essential for the sustainability of our business.

  1. Invoicing groups of delivery notes: You may now invoice groups of delivery notes
  2. Creating a new Supplier/Creditor from Expenses creation: When you are creating and expense and add a Supplier, you may now specify whether it is a Supplier or a Creditor.


And of course... sales! If we don’t sell, our business won’t be sustainable. The following 3 new functionalities will help you optimize your commercial process and properly cater for the needs of the sales department.

  1. Exporting Offers and Orders to excel: any offer you send to your clients, as well as the orders they send to you, may be exported to Excel once you have introduced them in the system. Thus, treating and analyzing data will be much easier.
  2. New condition for Cancelled Offers: offers that are not accepted may now be tagged Cancelled Offer (so that they may be properly classified).
  3. Create a sales/expenses category from Invoice/Expense creation


 Last but not least, we have also worked on our Dashboard. We added a new functionality that will make things easier for you.

  1. New Widget with a cashflow forecast
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