Three important issues for start-ups/small businesses to consider

There are many issues to consider when setting up a start-up/small business that can help create solid foundations for the future. In this article we will look at three important factors which are yield management, burn rate and product requirement documents. While commonplace in different sectors they offer a great insight into maximising income, minimising outgoings and targeting your product/service specific demographic.

5 Tips and Tricks to Acquiring Customers Online

Customers are the most important stakeholders in any business, and without them, a business cannot thrive or survive. With these stakeholders, the more, the better. That's why businesses are continually searching for new ways to acquire them. Tech has changed the way the world works, with everyone now having an online presence. But how does a business get more customers from online platforms? Continue reading to find out some of the tricks and tips for acquiring customers online.

How to use Linkedin in your sales

We are in the midst of a digital evolution. Social media are completely changing the rules in commercial processes, and it’s up to you: either you remain a mere by-stander or you get fully involved using an action plan devoted to the generation of new opportunities.

What is a CRM?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Manager. The CRM is a business strategy that focuses on the creation of a commercial bond between the company and the client by managing information so that it best suits the company’s needs. Such strategies are not only effective with current clients, but also with prospective clients. Knowing their clients’ needs makes the whole commercial process easy for companies, and provides them with a competitive advantage.

How to keep your team motivated

When we lead a team, we have a lot of responsibility to bear. Because we’ll be the ones who will have to account for the goals that were (or were not) achieved, and because we are the human face of the team, the person who will get all the pats on the back after success (this is usually the case) but also the negatives consequences that arise from the mistakes that were made (this is always the case!). In order to put up with all that, and do it with a great chance of success, we need our most powerful tool: the group; that’s it, our team.

How to use Linkedin in sales?

Besides, you should join groups where your prospective clients may be, and start interacting in terms of content generation. The goal is to do you best to start a conversation, because the information you provide is valuable and it might be able to cater for several needs of the person talking to you.

How to analyze your competitors

Analyzing your competitors is no easy task. Nevertheless, it is a must if you are planning to set up a company, launch a new product or service or evaluate your market position. Analyzing your competitors will help you pinpoint their weaknesses and strengths, and decide how to use such information to gain an advantage over them in the market. But where do we start in the analysis of our competitors?

10 effective steps in a commercial visit

Your words help build a relationship with a client. Therefore, you should carefully check what the most suitable questions in a commercial visit are. By doing so, you will be more effective and you will give your lead an opportunity to turn into a client. Carefully prepare what you are going to say before a commercial visit. If you just ask pointless questions because you didn’t prepare for the meeting carefully enough, you will have just wasted your time and that of the person meeting you.

Save time in managing your Social Networks by using Postcron

Managing the social networks of your brand or company is neither easy nor simple, that’s for sure. Even more so when good content is king, given the fierce competition involved and the ever-present issue of information overload. Besides, we should keep several measurements in mind in order to be able to share our content at the right time to attract our target audience. An endless amount of details to be considered in order to make the most of every post, every tweet...

How to get ready for your first-time commercial visit?

If you work as a salesperson, you need to set clear goals and keep a good self-concept, because you will need to face many drawbacks: you don’t get listened to, nobody answers the e-mail you sent or calls you back.... However, you may also encounter many satisfactions. One of such satisfactions arises from scheduling a new visit. Problems to be faced when actually selling will be discussed somewhere else

How to gain the trust of your client

Without doubt, everybody devotes the necessary time to the invoicing process in order to avoid making any mistakes. This is true both for freelance professionals and for startup owners. However, mistakes in the invoicing process happen much more frequently than people think.

Three strategies to get your clients speak more about you

Get your clients speak more about you by using three great strategies. The digital revolution that has taken place in the last few years has brought along heaven (recommendation) and hell (interruption). On the one hand, the man in the street has ever-improving tools that make it possible for him to communicate with his sphere of influence. Social networks, smart phones, SMS applications... word-of-mouth spreads faster than ever in today’s world.