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Conversational Marketing and How it Can Help Your Business

The conventional methods that many business owners use to market their business include making calls and sending impersonal, cold emails to consumers. However, statistics show that these methods no longer generate the kind of sales you may expect in your business. To fix this problem, you may want to consider conversational marketing.

Due to the advancement in technology, people currently prefer communication via online texting. This is because it is faster, easier, and feels more personal to relate to whatever brand they would like to patronize. Perhaps you have no idea what conversational marketing is. Well, you're about to learn a lot about it as you read on. You'll also get to understand how powerful this technique can be in improving your business.

What is conversational marketing?

Rather than making your site visitors go through lots of lead capture forms and waiting a week before getting a response, conversational marketing is a better dimension of interaction. It involves using intelligent chatbots and targeted messaging in engaging with people who visit your website.

Apart from helping you present your business to people quickly, it also helps you in identifying the more eager customers. With the opportunity of real-time conversations with a potential customer, you can conveniently move such person through the stage of making inquiries to that of making orders. As time goes on, you can create authentic experiences and build relationships with your buyers.

How to go about conversational marketing

If you haven't been using conversational marketing to operate your business, then there's nothing to worry about as it is not difficult to set up. We will take you through the simple steps to follow. These steps are also known as the “Conversational Framework."” They are:

1. Engage your customers with chat rather than forms

When people click to book a demo or to contact sales on your website, you can start a conversation with them using a bot. But it shouldn't stop there. Make sure that you keep up with the conversation and keep it going. Instead of them waiting for follow-up emails, it is better to encourage them to make a purchase through instant chat. Like marketing professionals say, consumers like to be texted often.

It may not be possible for you or someone else to be chatting on the website round the clock. This is why there are intelligent chatbots that can allow you to run conversational marketing in the business at any time of the day. There would not have to be a break in the flow of conversation because the chatbots will cover for the lapses.

The moment you start conversations with visitors on your site instead of making them fill forms before getting access to you, your business' sales will increase. You'll experience more opportunities, a higher conversion rate, and a closer relationship with your clients.

2. Understand what your customers want quickly

The traditional approach to understanding the intention of site visitors takes days. Before you make your product campaign and nurture emails, the interest of the potential client may have waned. So, you should respond to your customers within minutes of contact. According to conversational marketing experts, quick responses will give you a better opportunity of qualifying leads. If you wait much longer, your chances of qualifying such leads reduce by 40%.

Use bots to ask your visitors qualifying questions. These questions should be similar to the ones asked during calls or on the form fields. Anyway, the chatbots will help you understand what the customer wants better. It can also help in recommending the next actions to take for whoever engages with the site.

Bots can identify a person who isn't ready to talk about sales and may disqualify such visitors, thereby saving your representatives valuable time. Going by the old marketing way of sending emails, it may take a while before you understand that a person is not interested in patronizing your business.

3. Recommend the proper steps to close a sale

Bots are beneficial in understanding and engaging your leads, but they are not as good as person-to-person communication when it reaches the point of closing the deal. This is why intelligent routing is used by bots to connect prospective customers to you. The boys even help in automatically booking meetings, so that your sales reps can concentrate fully on selling.

Advantages of conversational marketing

We have already touched on some positive results that your business stands to enjoy from implementing conversational marketing. However, there are many more benefits to expect from it. Here are five of the most significant advantages your business is sure to experience when you use conversations to engage your customers and to qualify leads.

1. It allows for a more personal sales experience

Using conversational marketing, the website will no longer feel like a generic catalog or an empty online store to your customers. Lead forms on the site should not be the prominent thing greeting your shoppers anymore. You can now say "hello" to anyone that shows interest in your products. Whenever it is convenient, they can continue the conversation with you.

2. It helps you learn more about your customers and visitors

Lead forms assist you in collecting contact information, but they may not be able to provide context. Conversations will quickly let you know the primary reason for a person's visit to your website. You'll also get to discover what they specifically need, and which of your product features will suit their needs.

3. It helps to shorten the cycle of your sales

The leads that get qualified through conversations, also called "Conversation-qualified leads" (CQLs), tend to convert to sales faster than the ones qualified through the traditional methods. According to research, the sales cycle for CQLs lasts an average of four days. On the other hand, for leads by other means, the sales cycle continues for an average of eleven days.

4. It helps you boost your sales margin

Considering the other advantages of conversational marketing mentioned, then it is safe to say that witnessing more sales in your business is imminent. With direct interaction, you can effectively influence the decision of your customers and steer their minds towards the value of your goods or services.

In conclusion

It is common for every entrepreneur or business owner to employ various strategies to enhance their business. One primary strategy you shouldn't overlook is conversational marketing. It will help foster a long-lasting relationship with your consumers. Finally, you can rest assured that your business will get the conversions it deserves.

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