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Advantages of having an invoice system in the cloud

Advantages of having an invoice system in the cloud

The so-called cloud services are extremely modern as of right now. They also bring along plenty of advantages most people are unaware of.

Some time ago, I shared with you the strengths of working in the cloud, and I would now like to focus on a fundamental aspect when it comes to tackling administration tasks in our workplace: invoicing.

Not having a cloud-based invoice system equals, in the current context, missing on many options that make our jobs easier and much more efficient. Let’s take a closer look on these advantages.

Working on-line

We may work on our invoices wherever we are, whenever we wish to do so. We just need a computer with a network connection, even if the computer is not ours and we have no files of our own in it. Let me say that again: we just need a computer with a network connection. This is something worth stressing, as this is an advantage that, even on its own, makes it worth switching to cloud services.


In order to do your invoicing from a cloud-based service you don’t need to be a computer expert or have a gifted mind. In this case, the required work is very similar to that of traditional invoicing software, which turns it into a technology that is suitable for everybody interested in using it.


Working in the cloud always involves a higher level of organization. There is no need to locate such and such files and software in such and such folder, which prevents “forgetting” where a given file is (something that was quite frequent with previous systems). Besides, when switching to cloud services we are already taking one step forward in organization, efficiency and productivity improvement, and these are values that should always be among the top goals in the functioning of a company.

Extra information

When invoicing in the cloud we may easily generate reports, find out about the sales level in every given time period, and do so quite in-depth if desired (we may find out what was sold, what was the profit margin for it, what the costs were and how all this compares to other invoiced periods).

We may even find out which clients are behind with their payments, and, if that is the case, how much money we owe.

All these data help us provide for our internal organization, while providing an external more dynamic, much more efficient image. This is only one click away. Wherever you are. That’s saying something.


When working from our own computer at the office we were exposed to many potential issues that could happen. Let’s imagine the following: we might lose all our invoicing data because of an incident that rendered our computer useless, or else the data could have been erased carelessly, if any of our employees just made a mistake (or did it on purpose).

Now all this belongs to the past, as our cloud invoicing makes it almost impossible (thankfully!) for us to lose our beloved data. And getting hold of them is also much more difficult.

These are just some of the most prominent advantages associated to invoicing in the cloud. It goes without saying that this is a new pathway, and some people find new pathways challenging and uncertain and are reluctant to follow them.

But the world keeps moving forward, with or without us. It is our choice whether we ride the wave or just lag behind... forever.

 “He that will not apply new remedies must expect new evils; for time is the greatest innovator” Sir Francis Bacon

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