About us

We make life easier for small businesses

The main objective of the entire billage team is to create and build the perfect tool to manage your business. Making life easier for small businesses and freelancers is our motto and what we work on continually.

We know that day by day you spend a lot of time on diverse and tedious tasks and with billage, we say goodbye to that old, obsolete, difficult business management, that consumes hours and hours and only leads you to make mistakes.

From the beginning of billage, we identified the problem of SME management and found the solution in an agile, fast, efficient and above all, easy solution. Billage is today and thanks to the team that makes up a minimalist service (you only have what you really need to manage your business), simple, with extraordinary support and that is always available to help you achieve the desired success.

A product that sizes your needs as a business person and entrepreneur that has managed to change the current scenario of the microenterprise and its day by day.

They talk about us

Antoni Guitart

CEO & Cofounder

Francisco Philip

CTO & Cofounder

Pau Buixeda

VP Engineering & Cofounder

Jordi Arnau

Customer Success

María Alcaraz

Inbound Marketing

Anna Cabedo

Administration Ninja

Anna Ferry

Frontend Developer

Ricardo Salazar

UX/UI Designer

Lara Larrañaga

Graphic Designer

Eugeni Vives

Product Manager Advisor

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