Time control for every task

Using your task manager, allocate time slots in a project and you will be able to control the amount of hours invested

How much time are you investing in every task? Is this project really profitable? Monitor the time you work on every task in every project and immediately assess the total amount of hours you invested. Evaluate how profitable your work is and decide how to optimize your work flow.

One project... Several tasks

Whenever you have a new project, there is no time to lose. Create that project in your billage project manager, with all the required details. Once you have created your project, write lists of tasks divided into activity categories: design, content generation, pictures...

After finishing your project outline (create an internal protocol to keep the same guidelines for every project), start creating tasks. Include tasks in your lists, set the timings to be used, assign them to your team... And let’s get to work!

Now you all know what you need to do, when you need to finish it, what is to be taken into account and when the project is due. Knowing what to do, when and how is the most useful, efficient way of being productive and focusing on work.

Help your team and yourself be more efficient and happy at work. Avoid wasting your time thinking and trying to find out what to do and how.

Monitor the time you devote to each task

We are made of time. We sell our time.

In order to find out about the performance of your team and how profitable a project is, you need to know how much time is devoted to each task.

In billage, create customized fees for each activity in your workflow or for each member in your team. Assign a pre-established price per hour for your copy, the designer, the photographer and the web developer. Monitor the time devoted to each of the tasks performed by each person in your company, and you will know what the real cost of the project is.

TimeTracking: the best ally of your team

If you use it in an empowering manner, you will make Time Tracking the best ally of your team. It’s up to you. We have already created the tool that will change your business prospects.

When using Time Tracking, you will know, up-to-the-minute and without deceit, the real time each person devotes to a given task. Whenever they start a task, they may turn on the time counter and get to work. When they finish their task, they will just need to click on Stop... that’s all. That time slot will be allocated to that task... Right then!

Besides, for each task and each allotted time slot, each task developer/performer will be able to add any notes he wishes to include in order to help understand and explain the time devoted to the task. Perhaps he needed to search for a file that was not properly organized, which added some time to the task, perhaps he needed to call the client in order to ask for further information... Every action counts and all of them involve some time.

With all this information, you will be able to make key, crucial decisions to optimize the performance of your team. Most certainly, next time you will make sure that all the information the project requires has been gathered and organized before you start working.

Time Tracking helps people focus on the task at hand, it is motivating and reliable, and it will surely become your best friend when the time to create budgets comes... Real budgets, not approximate ones.

No control, but monitoring of profitability and performance

Monitor (that does not mean control) the work time devoted to each task. Change the concept and pass it on to your team. They should not feel controlled. You need to monitor your work time in order to evaluate how profitable your project is. Your fees and budgets depend on that.

Be open to your team about the benefits of using the system and they will all understand the reasons for that. In fact, after using it for a short time, they will see they are much more productive whenever they use Time Tracking. The time monitoring tool helps them focus and avoid distractions.

When using Time Tracking, you will not go check instagram while working on a task. You will not want to keep adding time to your task while you are not really working on it. Fooling ourselves will no longer be a problem.

Time tracking does not control, it helps you keep focused on what you are doing. It makes you more productive and, besides, it helps your business grow. Help your team work for less hours that are in fact more effective. They will be happy when they see their daily workload is finished before they expected. You can wave goodbye to working overtime.

How does billage Time Tracking work? Step by step

You will not believe how easy it is.

  • Access your desktop and access your billage user.
  • Choose the task you will begin with and click on play for Time Tracking (you can find it on the billage dashboard, in the lower left hand corner... So easy to spot).
  • If you are in a task in your panel, it will start immediately just when you click on the play button. By itself, because billage is extremely smart, it will know which task it should allocate the time to.
  • If you are not in a given task, when you click on play, Time Tracking will ask you about the task you want to work at the time.

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