Free access for your tax advisor

In just one click, all your business results for the quarter will be available in a single document ready to send to your tax advisor

Your tax advisor will now feel happier than ever. Give him free access to your billage account and the two of you will be able to sleep peacefully. He will not need to wait for you to tell him everything is ready for the quarter, and you will not become anxious again thinking about him.

The documents your tax agent – advisor needs

Your tax accountant firm needs some things from you, and you need them as well. If the connection does not work properly, Hacienda will be delighted. Let’s be efficient and make things easy for everyone. Stop worrying over tax declarations every quarter.

Now, everything is easier with billage, because you can choose among two very attractive options:

  • Export, in just one click, all the documents your tax accountant firm needs to prepare your quarterly tax declaration.
  • Give your tax advisor free access to billage and that’s it! He will take care of exporting what he needs.

It’s easy. You just need to keep your invoicing management up to date and, with billage, you will love doing it. You will be able to create your invoices using the tool, and they will be recorded and wait to be exported. Include your expenses as soon as you get them using the ticket scanner, and in this case you will only need to export the expenses management to Excel as well. Everything will be fast and the quarter... Will be done!

Export invoices so that your tax advisor may keep your accounts

If, besides hiring a tax advisor, you took a step forward and also hired an accountant to keep your accounts... He will also like you best if you use billage.

You may export every invoice you create for your clients straight into a pdf document and send it to you accountant. He will take care of the rest and get everything ready so that, when the quarter ends, everything is properly organized.

In this case, you will only need a single click as well. Create your invoice and send it to your client to cash it in... on time! (if you do not get paid, keep sending a reminder after another from billage; after all, you have already done your work). Once you send the invoice to your client, make sure your accountant knows about the invoice as well. Send him the pdf document as well, straight from billage.

You don’t need to leave the platform. Create an invoice quickly with your template and send it to your client as a pdf document. Send it to your accountant as well! You will make him very happy, as everything will be properly organized.

VAT (IVA) and Personal Income Tax (IRPF) as it happens, when it happens

The best of this invoicing function is the fact that you will know, as it happens and from anywhere at any time, how much VAT (IVA) and Personal Income Tax (IRPF) you will have to pay next quarter.

You do not need to keep the numbers in your head any longer. From your mobile phone, your computer or any other device, you just need to open your billage, click on Invoicing and there you are. The data are extremely clear and distributed in two amounts: VAT (IVA) and Personal Income Tax (IRPF) per month, quarter or year. You may choose, filter and decide what you export.

How to export your taxes in billage?

In just a few, very easy steps.

  • Access your billage (using a computer is better when exporting, but you may use your mobile phone as well).
  • Access Invoicing – invoices.
  • In the upper right hand corner, you will see three small dots... Click on them and open the drop-down menu.
  • Click on “Export invoices to Excel” and follow the steps: filter the time period you need and that’s all. You will have an Excel document with all invoice movements in that period.

You can do exactly the same thing with your expenses. Everything in the same way and straight into Excel.

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