Create SEPA remittances and invoice your clients easily

With your invoicing software, you can introduce your clients’ IBAN and cash in your invoices in an easy and simple manner

Make it easier to cash in your invoices by making the process automatic using SEPA remittances. Avoid having to wait for a client to pay and generate and send pending invoices to your client’s bank. In a single step, from your billage dashboard, invoice and cash in in only two steps.

Generate CORE1 remittances in a single click

Make the most of the advantage of cashing in the invoices you send to your clients by using SEPA remittances. Manage and send remittances straight from your billage user. In a single click, error-free and efficient.

Say goodbye to having to wait for a client to pay an invoice, or explain away a delay with a well-worn sentence (“I was so busy I did not have the time to order the bank transfer”). Now, you can generate your invoice from billage, send it to your client by e-mail and activate the SEPA remittance to cash it in immediately.

Everything will be fast, flexible and efficient from your billage invoicing dashboard. You will not even need to access your bank’s website: this is no longer necessary. With billage, everything is included in the tool and, if you want, you can access it from your mobile phone.

Keep a record of your remittances in order to keep refunds under control

Do you want to know who refunded your remittances? You may need to take some decisions, and you’d better do it with figures and on reliable data.

Billage keeps a detailed record of the clients who refunded one or several remittances, when they did it and why. Thus, nothing will be left to chance and, least of all, to your memory. Billage neither lies nor forgets.

Step by step generation of a remittance in billage

Generating remittances from billage is a really easy thing to do. Before you may create remittances, you will need to prepare the tool, so that later on only a few clicks are required.

Before the remittance:

  1. In your client (in the CRM in billage) click on Banks (write down the client’s bank, the one he sent the remittance to be cashed in to).
  2. Always click “YES” in the dialogue box “default for remittances”.
  3. Set up your bank account (your own account, that of your company, where you will get the money). In order to do so, access Invoicing . Cash Position – Cash Accounts.
  4. Always click YES in “default for remittances”.

For the monthly generation of remittances:

  1. Generate invoice: the way you usually do.
  2. Due dates: choose “Bills” as a “Payment form”.
  3. Go to “invoice lists” and choose “see due date” (the clock icon).
  4. Choose the invoice to cash in.
  5. Generate remittance.

... And that’s it. Your remittance is now created, sent and on its way to being cashed in.

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