Templates for budgets and invoices

Add the corporate image of your business to all your documents, and send them to your clients and suppliers.

Your budgets and invoices will always look professional

Because there is nothing like visual impact... Add the corporate image of your business to all your documents, and send them to your clients and suppliers. Your budgets and, needless to say, your invoices, say a lot about you and your brand.

Having a document that is always in line with your brand is essential to communicate your values. Turn your invoices into neat, organized documents that are inviting to manage and, of course, pay.

Your budget/invoice will not go unnoticed again, and it will not pile up among those of your competitors either. Stand out from the crowd with a unique budget and invoice template, a powerful design that is in line with your core values.

Billage template: choose among 5 different models

Don’t worry if you don’t have a template of your own: we have already thought about that in billage. Our team of creative designers has designed a wide range of invoice templates, and you will be able to choose the one you like most and the one that best suits your needs.

Budget templates are also available and include their specific data fields. In just one click, you can turn all your documents into corporative documents that comply with all the essential requisites.

Include your logo, your corporate image colours and your typography

You will also be able to include your corporate identity in the templates offered by billage. This includes adding your logo, customizing your colours and changing the typography to the one you choose.

You may also customize your columns. Choose the number of columns you want to show in your documents (budgets / invoices). For instance, you may remove the “taxes” column if you do not want it to appear on the document. You may also remove the “quantity” column, or any other column you do not want on the page.

Choose a template, customize it with your brand and identity manual, and go ahead. You may now create and send your offers and invoices straight from billage, with a unified, coherent, neat and attractive design.

How to use your invoice template in billage

Templates for invoices and offers

As always, it is easy and flexible. In just a few steps, your template will be ready.

  1. Access your billage user and choose Profile - Settings
  2. Once there, choose Invoicing – Template Design
  3. Chosse the template you like best or the one that best suits your needs.
  4. Customize it with your logo, your colours, your typographies... It is easy and user-friendly.
  5. Ready. You may now use the template whenever you send an offer / invoice.

Customize templates for your budgets and invoices

In billage, you will be able to use your own invoice template, the one designed by you or by the person in charge of your brand. It is easy and flexible: we do it for you. You just need to send us the file with your full template design and we will apply it in your user in the tool.

Once you have done that, every time you create a new invoice you will be able to choose which template you use, or else set your template as the “default template”; in this case, the same template will be used every time.

You can do the same with other templates, such as budget templates.

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