Manage stocks and storehouses

The control and optimization of how your storehouse work is at your fingertips. In your computer, your mobile phone or your tablet.

Knowing what you have, what has been sold and what is “blocked” is the best way to make the best decisions to accelerate your sales. A storehouse may become your worst enemy if not managed properly; therefore, free your mind from worries by adding up a flexible, simple and efficient management.

The perfect tool to manage your storehouse

Invoice every product you sell automatically, as soon as it leaves your storehouse. Take away this product automatically from your stock and always cash in the sale you made. Everything in a single place and from any device. Best of all, using the activity overview dashboard, a quick glance and you will see everything you need to know.

Whether you have a small storehouse or a large one, whether your stocks include 50 stock lines or 5.000 of them, the only essential aspects involve keeping everything organized and making internal management a flexible and simple matter. For every product you sale, you lose your money if you do not generate the corresponding invoice. If you sell a product but do not take it away from the stock content, you create chaos in the business process and make your clients unhappy, as they try to buy it but can’t.

Optimize the way you manage your storehouse from your computer, your tablet or your mobile phone, and always keep your stock under control. A well-done, optimized stock will bring health and welfare to you and your business.

Link your storehouse and stocks to your invoicing

Forget the idea that linking your storehouse and your stocks is a hard thing to do. Never use manual Excels again to manage your storehouse. Quickly and with just a few clicks, connect your storehouse and your stocks with your invoicing software.

From that moment on, a full world of possibilities will open up for you. Automatic possibilities that work by themselves in order to provide you with results and analyses that will open your mind to the right decisions.

When you link billage to your storehouse and stocks, you will never lose anything to be invoiced again. You sell a product, you register – invoice – record it and cash it. Everything will take place automatically, and you will not need to be “anxious” about having lost any records. Say goodbye to the scary reviews that you needed to do at the end of each quarter or at the end of the year. Billage provides you with a real and trusthworthy day-to-day invoicing system in your storehouse.

Managing several storehouses

There should be no limits to managing your business. If you have more than one storehouse, link them all to billage. As many as you want, as many as there are. Introduce all the storehouses you deem relevant for your business in the tool. Classify the products/goods according to the storehouse they are stored in and make your management more flexible, which will help you reach more precise conclusions.

It is easy, you just need to create the storehouses in billage by giving them an address and an initial stock for each product. From then on, you just need to sell – invoice – count. Everything will take place automatically, and it will be done for each and every storehouse.

Product features such as sizes and colours

Your products have their own personality. They possess features you need to know and keep under control. After all, selling 5 green S-sized T-shirts is not the same as selling 3 black XL-sized T-shirts.

Sort your stocks and storehouses using the features you find more useful for your business. For instance, you may include sorting criteria such as sizes and colours. By doing so, you will divide your business sales into further segments, which will enable you more precise information to be applied in the subsequent sales, investment or marketing actions.

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