Create invoices with an equalization tax

Make your invoicing error free and customize it to your own needs. If you are to work with an equalization tax, so be it.

All your invoices will now... be well done. If you are subject to Special Arrangements such as the Equalization Tax, tell billage about it and it will take care of taking it into account at all times. Freelancers and retail traders, invoicing will now be a pleasure.

The Equalization Task (a VAT special arrangement) may be applied to retail traders who sell to final consumers, and it is finally included in billage. You will just need to create the usual equalization tax you work with and... that’s it! It will be applied automatically in all the invoices required.

Automatic invoices with an Equalization Tax

Making things automatic is the way, and you may also do this if your invoices contain an equalization tax. Include this tax in the invoices you send to your suppliers and let the tool detect it is working with this special arrangement. By doing so, you will keep your invoicing updated and optimized.

Once you have told billage you work with an equalization tax and you have added up the amount you should apply in your situation, all the invoices you select will automatically include this charge. It’s easy and simple, and the best of all: it is error-free.

Distinguish your invoices according to the equalization tax

After you create the invoice, you will be able to filter and distinguish your invoices according to whether they contain an equalization tax.

You will just need to access your Invoice dashboard, click on the “Equalization Tax” filter and your list will appear. A list that includes all the invoices to which the special arrangement applied.

Work in blocks, divide into segments as necessary and differentiate accordingly so that you bring order to your business and make the best decisions.

VAT (IVA) and Personal Income Tax (IRPF) as it happens, when it happens

The best of this invoicing function is the fact that you will know, as it happens and from anywhere at any time, how much VAT (IVA) and Personal Income Tax (IRPF) you will have to pay next quarter.

You do not need to keep the numbers in your head any longer. From your mobile phone, your computer or any other device, you just need to open your billage, click on Invoicing and there you are. The data are extremely clear and distributed in two amounts: VAT (IVA) and Personal Income Tax (IRPF) per month, quarter or year. You may choose, filter and decide what you export.

How to invoice in billage using the equalization task

It’s easy and flexible, as is everything in billage. You will just need to click “yes” or “no” in the box we specifically created for the “equalization tax”.

  1. Access your billage user: user + password
  2. Go to Invoicing – Invoices
  3. Create a new invoice (the way you usually do it)
  4. In the lower right hand corner, you will find a dialogue box stating “equalization tax” and you will have the choice to click “yes” (“no” will be the default option)

That’s it. You don’t need to do anything else. In that invoice (and only that), the equalization tax will be applied.

Later on, as we explained above, you will be able to filter your invoices according to this value in order to obtain a list of all the invoices in which the equalization tax was applied.

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