Control your company from the Dashboard in billage

Managing your business in a flexible, efficient manner has never been so easy. Thanks to billage, you now have the opportunity to visually keep everything that happens in your company under control.

At a glance, thanks to the 5 dashboards included in the tool, you will get a perfect overview of your invoicing, your business flow – CRM, your projects and the extremely powerful “custom-made dashboard”, where you can add all graphs you consider more useful to you, thus customizing your tools to your needs.

What is to be obtained with this working method? Peace of mind. You will know that your business is optimized and under control at all times. You will have access to all the data generated in your company and related to it, up-to-the-minute, wherever you are, from any device. You will be able to find out what is taking place in every department and you will make the right decisions based on each department’s KPIs.

CRM – Business management – Sales pipeline control

We all want to sell more: do it. But sell better as well. With a powerful CRM at your fingertips, you will be the king of business management.

Using billage and its CRM, you will be able to customize your sales pipeline with those actions that are more appropriate for your business: a phone call, an e-mail, a skype call or a visit, whatever you use the most on a day-to-day basis. Find out which business action gives you better results. Find out, as soon as it happens,when each potential client is available, and make effective decisions.

Create your custom-made sales pipeline and move through it step by step with your team. Create a protocol for day-to-day work and manage to sell more, but also better, because you will save the time you would spend “barking up the wrong tree” and you will be able to devote your time and energy to those opportunities that will eventually become a sales lead.

You will find everything you need in your commercial dashboard, at a glance: from your business activity to the opportunities you missed but, of course, those you won; the average time spent until an opportunity is closed, or the amount of opportunities that arise in every campaign. This will all be displayed on your screen.

Comprehensive project management – Tasks, roles, timings...

Make sure you keep that client you worked so hard to convince forever. How? By making sure you manage the client’s project efficiently. When you close a sale, it’s time to get down to business and start working on its needs. Include the project in the billage management tool right from the start.

Divide the project into more feasible tasks, assign them to the existing roles in your company and use the Time Tracking tool to find out the time you devote to each of them.

The dashboard for each project will show you how your project is moving forward. It will also show you the roadblocks that hinder the proper development of the project. Assign budgets to each project. Allocate expenses to your tasks in order to find out the needs of each of them. Take a look at how profitable the project actually is by using the time tracking tool. Besides, find out how many hours were devoted to the project every day, every week or every month. This is essential to assess how profitable the project is.

Using the project management tool, help your team solve potential unexpected events and help avoid the creation of a “bottleneck” if somebody does not follow the work flow.

Make it possible to introduce a healthy work process. They will all be happier because they will increase their flexibility, their efficiency and thus their productivity.

Invoicing: keep an up-to-the-minute control on the financial well-being of your business

Is there anything better than getting paid for your work? Invoice each and every minute you devote to each project. Invoice and get paid for your work. Automatically follow up all the invoices you generate and e-mail from the platform itself (because you do not need to leave billage to send an e-mail with a document attached).

Keep an eye on any unpaid invoices, and check the reason why they have not been paid yet. Send reminders to your client and follow how your bank accounts are doing by linking each invoice to its corresponding project – all at a glance.

When you are at the office, walking to a meeting, at the beach or at home before you go to sleep, you may rest assured that your business invoicing is doing fine. Check its status from your mobile phone in just one click and manage to sleep peacefully, or to enjoy your day without worries. Keeping your income and expenses under control is literally at your fingertips.

Invoices, expenses, investments... Everything under control and well managed. No mistakes, no errors, no losses or leakages. Everything up to date and optimized. Take a quick look to your invoicing dashboard and you will instantly obtain the updated data for your business invoices and the expenses allocated to each category. You will get a clear, concise idea of where your money is going.

All-in-1: manage and control your company from a single place

Make the most of billage’s power. This is what makes it outstanding, and what will make your life healthier. The All-in-1 system will help you optimize your time by providing you with all your business information in a single place. Avoid spending time and money in several apps.

All the relevant information for your company and its day-to-day development... In a single place. It had never been so easy.

Always available: your business under control at any time and from any device

Besides... Always ready, from any device. No need to be tied to a computer. If our mobile phone is the work tool we most often use... Billage will be there too. Download its app for iOS or Android and manage your business while in the underground, when having breakfast or while travelling. The limit... is what you make of it.

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