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Web designers, IT and developers

With billage you will invoice and charge all the dedicated time

A tool made for web designers, computer and developers to work with tranquility, agility and effectiveness with simultaneous projects without losing a single data or important information. Manage tasks, contacts, invoices, expenses and budgets in a single platform. Focus on what is really important: the technical process.

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Send and receive emails from CRM

Stop wasting your time going in and out of your inbox. Send emails from billage with the custom templates and group them all in one place.

Google Calendar

Calendar with Google Calendar

Synchronized Calendar with Google Calendar and shared with your colleagues. Close more negotiations and work better as a team.


Custom funnels

Have a clear vision of where your business opportunities are and quickly check the status of your sales processes. In addition, it is completely customizable.


Automatic time recording

Record the real time your team devotes to each task based on the rate assigned to each user.



Easily manage your daily work thanks to the Kanban methodology. Get a clear and visual perspective of your projects and collaborate better with your team.


Automatic reports

Profitability of your projects, personalized rates for your clients according to worked hours and under control expenses of your team with automatic reports of billage


Connection with banks

Connect your banks with billage and understand, at a glance, what is the status of your accounts. Make the bank reconciliation quickly.


Automatic receipt of tickets

Avoid the mess of the tickets in your wallet and the time you spend in raising the expenses. With billage you automatically extract the information with a simple photograph through your mobile.


Sending bank remittances

Send SEPA bank remittances. Through the expiration view you can choose the ones you wish to remit and automatically generate the file for the bank.

More than 17.000 SMEs and freelances rely on billage


Renata Moitinho

Founder of RM Business & Finance

"The CRM and the sales funnel are intuitive and functional. The customer service always responds very quickly to our doubts and questions. In addition, they are always developing new solutions and functionalities."

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Juan Pedro Peña

ICT Specialist lawyer at PrivaZ

"We needed a software for the management of the legal services we provide, from hiring to our clients' task manager, as well as orders, bills and documents. Other programs we tried before were out of our budget or not valid. billage fulfills all of the requirements we demand."

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Raquel Cánovas

Entrepreneur, Creative and Designer at Creativadecabecera

"Billage is the solution with which I manage my business. We wanted a tool to fully control our business from projects, tasks to commercial action. I wanted this solution to help me also make life easier from the administrative side, generate budgets, invoices and control payments."

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Jose Casero

Manager at Doblemitad

"We contracted billage because it is a complete tool and easy to use. Plus, it fits all our management needs."

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