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Save time in managing your Social Networks by using Postcron

Managing the social networks of your brand or company is neither easy nor simple, that’s for sure. Even more so when good content is king, given the fierce competition involved and the ever-present issue of information overload.

Besides, we should keep several measurements in mind in order to be able to share our content at the right time to attract our target audience.

An endless amount of details to be considered in order to make the most of every post, every tweet...

We should also consider the great deal of networks available, and the fact that work increases exponentially if you need to manage your brand. Our main goal at Billage (what we fight for every day) is finding solutions to help you make the most of your time every day, thus avoiding “time thieves” so that you may focus on what really matters: working on your business.

And this is why we have recently added a new tool to the ones we use recently, a tool that is a helpful asset in terms of communication and management of our online reputation.

Postcron tool

The new tool is called Postcron, and it enables us to plan and distribute social networks in a way that prevents them from “stealing away” more time than is strictly required.

This is also fundamental to reduce the anxiety involved in publication in most cases: “I need to publish, I can’t be late, I can’t remember what the content to be published was...”

We tried this tool, and still don’t know everything about it, but we decided to keep it, as it may help us make the most of our Twitter account.

We will tell you how to do that in this post, and step by step we will be sending you more and more information so that you may make the most of it as well.

The goal remains the same: making the most of your time when managing your startup.

Postcron and Social Networks

This tool was designed in order to support social network management. How? It enables you to schedule your contents in all your social networks, and keep all your accounts together, just one click away.

¿ Which are the compatible or supported social networks?

As of now, not every social network is compatible with Postcron, but they seem to be working constantly to add more and more networks to their pool. Right now, the following networks may be used:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Linkedin
  • Google +
  • Pinterest

We chose Twitter to start using the tool on Billage. It’s true that Facebook makes it quite easy to schedule content from their own control panel: it may easily be seen, you are informed of their publication and it may be accessed easily. This is why we are not using Postcron for Facebook management right now, although we may consider doing this in the future. This is why we decided to start with Twitter and dive into everything we may achieve.

Postcron and Twitter or Twitter and Postcron

Why start with Twitter? Because it is the social network that requires more time from us. In order to increase your visibility and create a proper interaction with your community, you need to publish frequently and at the right time, as well as publish valuable content.

Besides, Twitter has no scheduling of its own (only accounts that invest in Tw Ads may use it, but it is somewhat fussy), which means you need to schedule your content right when you publish it, or otherwise get yourself a tool that makes this task easier. Many tools are available on the market, but we chose Postcron.

How does it work?

It’s quite simple, at least when it comes to basic tasks. We will try to describe the required steps briefly.

1. Open Twitter in your browser and log in with your user name and password. If you do so, Postcron will recognize the account you are trying to interact with when you open the tool and click “connect to Twitter”.

2.- Once you have opened Twitter and Postcron, tell the latter which account you want to use. In this case, we would choose Twitter by Billage (in your case, choose your company’s Twitter).

3.- Now you just need to say what you want to do: share a thought, a picture, a link... as we always add pictures to our tweets, we choose “share a picture”, and then you are provided with a place to write whatever you want to share. Please consider doing the following: add the picture first, include the link (always shorten it previously) and the # you need.

This way you will know beforehand how much you can write.

4.- It’s almost ready. Now you just need to choose between “publish now” or “schedule”. Choosing the latter carries along a significant advantage: you will be able to choose the date and time when the tweet is to be published; if you prefer, you may publish it once and again, choosing whatever day and time you prefer.

We decided that each tweet should appear on Twitter at least 6 times, and this is why we chose the schedules that suit our content better, as well as those that are more appropriate for our target audience, and we publish it several times.

5.- How can I know when my Tweet is going to be published? Postcron shows you a list that may be somewhat difficult to grasp once many tweets are scheduled. The team at Billage developed a solution for this problem, and it proved itself quite helpful. We outlined an Excel sheet that works as a calendar, where publication dates and times are listed.

Every cell includes the content to be launched; thus, we may know at a glance what content remains to be scheduled, and how our Twitter is changing.

Later on, we found out that Postcron makes it possible to create an Excel file following its parameters and then upload it directly with your contents, so that they may be treated as a whole. We are working on how to do it, on whether it is really suitable and helpful. We will keep you informed.

In short, Postcron has now provided us with a solution for the amount of time we devoted to Twitter. We now do everything in batches: we keep our posts in the blog and schedule them over the whole week, later on we create the Facebook posts (that we also schedule) and use Postcron to schedule not only the initial tweet but the 6 re-scheduled tweets as well.

The following step we are working on involves scheduling Google+ and Linkedin as well. If we manage to do so, the 4 social networks we usually work with would be standardized.

Billage recommends this tool. As every other new tool, some time need to be devoted to learning how it works, but once you have mastered the basics it makes your life easier. Above all, it helps you make the most of the time you devote to the management of your business.

Of course, we recommend using Billage for your business management (you may plan tasks, achieve a wonderful sales level, invoice in a few easy steps... and many other areas that we will keep under control with just one click).

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