Can productivity be measured?

In order to measure the productivity of a company in a swift manner, the following equation may be applied: Productivity = (Products or Services Produced) / (Resources Used). Which means that a company is productive when the use of resources is optimized.

What is GTD?

Increase your work productivity using the GTD method, the best method for freelance professionals. GTD stands for Getting Things Done, a system aimed at helping you organize your work as a freelance professional and balance it with your daily life.

What is SCRUM?

SCRUM is a work system that focuses on project management and development using an incremental system. This helps you going through previous steps such as complete planning and execution of the process. SCRUM also makes it possible to work simultaneously on different process tasks, instead of requiring them to be performed one after the other.

Why do I need to systematize processes?

Organize your processes systematically and save time when managing your business. When you start a project or a company, everything, absolutely everything, including the way you do things, is still to be developed. In short, it is yet to be done. At first, this turns out to be a positive aspect, as you may create it as you go according to your needs and tailored to your resources.

Kanban Method for task optimization

The Kanban method will help you make the most of the time to devote to your team’s tasks, as well as increase their quality. Optimizing the production processes in a company, especially when we are members of a team, is a goal we all try to reach in our businesses. Only a certain amount of time is available, and this can’t be changed. This is why we always hope each minute will be as productive as possible, avoiding work leaks, increasing the level of quality as much as possible without this involving more resources, and getting rid of bottlenecks anywhere in the task chain so that the rest of the team may continue working. Getting rid of the so-called bottlenecks in a team is something everyone wishes to achieve. How can this be done? That’s the million dollar question.

Productivity: Pomodoro Technique

Take your time. No matter how you do it, the aim is to increase productivity so that you may be as effective as possible. How? There are many ways to do this, and every person should try and find his or her own. We would now like to introduce you to one out of many: the Pomodoro Technique.