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We are billage, and we use Intercom – Part 1

Hello, we are billage: invoicing, task management, agenda, email, APP mobile and CRM all in one simple tool. Every day we help managers, CEO and business owners of SME run their companies in an easy and simple way. We want to make their every day easier because in this highly competitive world companies should spend their time in what makes them great and leave the rest to us: billage.

But at billage, we use other tools to make our platform work and give the best service to our customers. One of our favorite tools is Intercom. So for this Christmas, we want to tell you the story of the perfect team we billage and Intercom form.  

So you know what billage is, but what is Intercom? So, in their own words they are:

¨Intercom is a fundamentally new way for internet businesses to communicate with customers, personally, at scale. It’s a customer communication platform with a suite of integrated products for every team—including sales, marketing, product, and support. Our products enable targeted communication with customers on your website, inside your web and mobile apps, and by email.¨

After reading what, Intercom is. Do you think Intercom is an intricate part of billage? Well, you are right ;). Thanks to Intercom we can communicate and understand what our users need, want or where they are having problems. Intercom makes it easy, simple and personal. Everything we do, we think about how it will affect our users because our users are in the center of our business.

Our product team spends many hours analysing each need, each request and each problem all of our users have. We are 100% committed to creating the best platform we can offer. We are acutely aware that billage is at the center of each one of the companies of our clients. And we will like for all their businesses to grow and thrive.  We contribute to this objective by creating the best billage we can.

We want to go in depths into this story and explain how each part of Intercom helps us in our everyday routines, workflows, and challenges. To understands first we need to learn what Intercom offers.

They have four products that work together seamlessly:

  • Acquire – Website live chat
  • Engage – Customer Engagement
  • Resolve – Customer Support
  • Educate – Knowledge base *New feature, soon we will start to use it.

Intercom has one platform that integrates all of their products making our life much easier. Thanks to Intercom and its products we know who our customers are and what they do in billage.

This Christmas story will have four parts. Each part will contain simple explanations of how we use Intercom in each one of our departments and real examples.

For this Christmas story you can expect us to follow this plan:

  • This first part will explain what Intercom is and why we choose them
  • How we resolve our customer’s problems with Intercom
  • How we engage our users with Intercom
  • Product Management with Intercom

So according to our little Christmas plan. I need to explain what is Intercom, which I just did in above part and will start to explain why we choose Intercom:

  • Great Reviews. If you type Intercom in Google, you will get great reviews. Even if check on their Facebook page the ratings are excellent.

We read many reviews from real clients. We paid particular attention to those reviews made from a SaaS platform.

  • We love data. At billage, we take metrics and KPIs very seriously. Thanks to intercom we can collect valuable data that will help us better understand our user. Having all this data helps us with assuming better hypothesis and lowering the risk when trying new features.
  • Job to be done focus. In many occasion, Intercom has made clear the innovate according to the Job to be done concept. They even publish an e-book about it:

Great products start with real problems

From our product team to our marketing team we highly recommend this book is easy and fast to read and very useful.

We also saw this great talk from Sian Townsend, Director of Research at Intercom gave at Front 2016 in Salt Lake City, Utah about Jobs to be done and how she from a skeptical to a believer and how Job to be done is at the center of innovation at Intercom.

As you can imagine at billage, we are also Jobs to be done focus. We move forward with our products depending on the jobs are users need and want. So when we launch a new functionality or version, most of our users feel satisfied.

The same way we feel about Intercom

Hope you are enjoying this story as much as I like writing in it. For the following three weeks on Wednesdays, I will publish the next parts of this four part of this Christmas Story.

And tell us, do you like Intercom? Do have you a tool that you love?

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